Do you currently have name badges that are looking tired and old with a dull appearance? Good news is you no longer need to settle for less than what you deserve.

Name badges can help make introductions a memorable first impression, and first impressions are important for businesses, as it takes a few seconds for someone to evaluate you. Not only do you want to stand out, you want to represent yourself, your business or your employee well. This is where we can help you. Australian Name Badge has a highly qualified team with creative flair and an eye for detail that can turn an average badge into a stand out resin badge! By collaborating and using our experience with your vision, together we can create resin badges for you that will have heads turning and conversations flowing.

What is a resin badge?

Perhaps you have never heard of the term resin badges before and you would like to know what it’s all about and how it could benefit you. Well, if you have never considered name badges this may help you make an informed decision as to why you should use them in your work place.

A resin badge is essentially a name badge that has a clear coating of resin on the surface of the badge which gives it a 3D appearance. It visually improves the overall facade of the badge, taking it a step above your regular flat name badge.

In more ways than one, the resin does help enhance any artwork. With the added element of the dome, your artwork will pop and stand out. The dome will actually add life to your designs giving them a 3D glass effect, making them rise out amongst flat badges. The shiny resin dome will glimmer in the light catching the eyes of those onlookers. Your once flat name badge will then have a new level of depth and an added vibrancy.

The high gloss dome makes it easy to clean your badge when it gets dirty. For industries such as medical and hospitality maintaining clean work gear is paramount, therefore making resin badges an ideal option for you as you can easily clean your badge daily or as required.

Another benefit to using resin is that it provides UV protection from the harsh Australian sun allowing your name badge to be worn both indoors and outdoors. The dome itself proves beneficial as it will prevent the artwork from fading or losing its vibrancy in colour. With this added protection your badges will last for years to come. Unlike others, the resin we use remains crystal clear and won’t turn yellow over time. Meaning that the name badge you first receive, with that vibrant and luxurious appearance, will remain the same and continually give you that brand new look every time your customers or clients see it.

Don’t have the tools to produce artwork?

Not a problem! We know how busy life can get and understand the need for a simple straight forward solution where anyone can create a badge.

We want the entire design process to be a simple and stress free experience for you, from start to finish. Now with our online creator it’s never been so simple to create your very own design.

You have the artistic freedom in all aspects of the design by choosing the desired colours, the different use of fonts and sizes, also the inclusion of any logo you wish to upload. When creating your design you can experiment with different layouts, so you have the power to control your product.

Selecting the Base Material

Along with our standard white name badge plate, our range of foil materials will have people looking twice at your badge.

With this option you can now have:

  • Polished Gold
  • Matte Gold
  • Sparkle Gold
  • Brushed Gold
  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Silver
  • Sparkle Silver
  • Brushed Silver

There are different benefits to using a foil base for your resin badges one being that it is an excellent way to distinguish the between staff roles and their hierarchy. For example a manager may choose to stand out with a gold metallic background and other staff may have a silver metallic background. Using a foil material also adds a wow factor to your name badge that will catch people’s eye and attention, while also making them look prestigious.

Choosing the right size and shape

With our range of shapes and sizes, you can make your resin badges stand out. Looking for something other than our standard sizes? Not a problem, simply have a chat with us and let us know what you require, and we will work with you. Our standard sizes and shapes are as follow:

  • Oval (size required)
  • Circle 50mm
  • Rectangle 50×20, 60×20, 65×25, 70×23, 73×27, 85×25, 90×40
  • Custom sizes on application

Choosing the right fixing

It’s important to have the right fixing for your badges. We have different fixings that can be used to complete your resin badges, with each fixing having a unique trait.

  • Bar pins – Ideal for very active people who need to make sure the name badge won’t come off if It gets bumped.
  • Magnet – Ideal for those that need something quick and secure and don’t wish to damage their clothes. (Not ideal for those with pacemakers)
  • Clip and Pin – For people who wish to clip their badge to their pocket.
  • Swivel clip – Suitable for people who wish to attach their badge on to their tie or pocket or collar, as it turns.

Need multiple badges with different names and the same design?

If you have a design in mind and want that same design for an order with multiple names then the Online Creator is the perfect tool for you! Simply start by creating your very own design, placing the logo and the text in the desired positions. Once one badge is created you can then add more names using that badge design, maintaining the same format throughout the entire order. Meaning all the names will be in the same position, same font and same font size.

So now that your know about the benefits of resin and about how to design, why not try and create some for your work place today!

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