For many workplaces, brand identity and the depiction of high level professionalism is very important for the overall image that is portrayed to the general public. Hospitals and the medical industry are one of the top industries that very much fall into this category. While we have an expectancy that we will receive a high level of care we also expect to be treated by professional frontline workers. Hospitals are known to many as a safe place, with many hospitals facilities making sure security and identification is provided. Along with the different regulations that are implemented, hospital namebadges are key to knowing that you are indeed being treated by a hospital staff member.

With that in mind, hospital namebadges are an excellent way of allowing patients to know who they are speaking with and also know who is and isn’t a staff member. They also allow front line workers to access different restricted staff only areas within their facility. The gel namebadges that are worn can have corporate branding, names and job titles that are easy to read and stand out. Hospital namebadges are also suitable for the many volunteers who also need to be identified throughout the health facility.

All staff members from physicians’ right down to the cleaning staff should all have their own personalised hospital namebadge, allowing people to find help, guidance and assistance wherever they go. Apart from identity benefits it also helps maintain a uniform look among all staff members. This then promotes professionalism in the work place.

The look of the name badge that you choose speaks volumes about you and who you are. It can reflect the quality of what you provide for your potential clients, customers and patients. This is where we can help you! With 75 years of experience and a highly skilled team, we are prepared to help you achieve the look you want.

Protection of namebadges

As hospital namebadges can be significant within the healthcare facility, it is important that they are kept clean and hassle free. One of the pros to using badges is that once they are on, there is no need to touch them, which is good as cleanliness is important in all medical industries.

In more ways than one, the resin that we use on our namebadges does help to protect the product itself. Not only will they stay on without the need to continually adjust, it is also easy to keep clean without the gel namebadge wearing down. The colours won’t fade and the resin will remain glossy for years to come. Another benefit to the resin is that it will enhance any artwork. With the added element of the dome, your artwork and branding will pop and stand out. The dome will actually add life to your designs giving them a 3D glass effect, making them appear more luxurious. The shiny resin dome will glimmer in the light catching the eyes of those onlookers.

Choosing the right size and shape

With our range of shapes and sizes, you can make your Hospital name badges really stand out. The different shapes and sizes can be used to differentiate the different roles between staff.

You can choose from the following shapes:

  • Oval 75x45mm
  • Circle 50mm
  • Rectangle: 50×20, 60×20, 65×25,70×23, 73×27, 85×25, 90×40
  • Reusable name badges in two sizes: 75×35, 75×45
  • Custom size

Are you after a specific size which is not mentioned above? Not a problem! Simply email or call to speak with one of our friendly Australian Name badge team members to discuss how we can help you reach your end goal.

Selecting the Base Material

With our range of foil materials available, you can now create a sophisticated look to your name badges by simply swapping the standard white plate for a foil substrate. This will add shine to the overall look, adding depth to your hospital namebadge, making it more eye catching in the light.

The foil materials available

  • Polished Gold
  • Matte Gold
  • Sparkle Gold
  • Brushed Gold
  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Silver
  • Sparkle Silver
  • Brushed Silver

Design and artwork

Name badge Readability is very important when connecting with people and making sure a memorable first impression is made. The easier it is for people to read your name and title, the more efficient the name badge will be. If it is too hard to read any text on the badge then it won’t be easy for people to connect with staff. It’s crucial that the font and font size is one that can be read without any difficulty, or the need to get too close to read. The key to a successful hospital namebadge is having the right balance of information and not to overcrowd.

Choosing the right fixing

It’s important to have the right fixing for your badges. We have different fixings that can be used to complete your professional look.

  • Bar pins – Ideal for very active people who need to make sure the name badge won’t come off if it gets bumped.
  • Magnet – Ideal for those that need something quick and secure and don’t wish to use pins on their clothes.
  • Clip and Pin – For people who wish to clip their badge to their pocket.
  • Swivel Clip – Suitable for people who wish to attach their badge on to their tie or lanyards or pockets, as this type of clip can rotate.

Need multiple badges for your staff

If you have a design in mind and want that same design for an order with multiple names then our Online Creator is the perfect tool for you! Simply start by creating your very own design, placing the logo and the text in the desired positions. Once one badge is created you can then add more names using that badge design, maintaining the same format throughout the entire order. Meaning all the names will be in the same position, same font and same font size. Whether it’s for 5 hospital namebadges or 55 the creator will take of your design reqirements.

Let your next hospital name badge display a higher level of prestige and class that will make you stand, out as we can appreciate the significance of making sure that all staff maintains a respectable appearance.

Jump online and use our online creator and let your creativeness flow!

Or send us an email with any questions and information you may need to help you make the overall process a well informed one for you!

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