Any successful event requires making new connections with other people. There is nothing worse when you start a conversation with someone and you have forgotten their name. It’s even worse when they have told you their name 2 minutes ago and already you have forgotten. Forgetting someone’s name can be insulting. You may not say it with words but it communicates they are not worth remembering. Having a name tag clears the air of any miscommunication and helps solidify the connection.

Name tags are also great for an ice breaker. When you see someone’s name you immediately have a point of connection. There is something special when someone uses your name. Instead of being some guy at some booth you are a recognised person.

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Choosing the right size and shape

With our range of shapes and sizes, you can make your Magnetic name badges really stand out. The different shapes and sizes can be used to differentiate the different roles between people.

You can choose from the following shapes:

  • Oval 75x45mm
  • Circle 50mm
  • Rectangle: 50×20, 60×20, 65×25,70×23, 73×27, 85×25, 90×40
  • Reusable name badges in two sizes: 75×35, 75×45
  • Custom size

Are you after a specific size which is not mentioned above? Not a problem! Simply email or call to speak with one of our friendly Australian Name badge team members to discuss how we can help you reach your end goal.

What to put on your magnetic namebadge

The information that is displayed on a name badge is also important. Making the name badge too crowded with text and overloading the given space with information can also make it difficult to read the badge. It can also prevent people from remembering the important information that you want them to remember. To avoid this from happening, it is important to ask yourself whether it is valuable information and whether it is actually required. Displaying your name, job title and company logo or company details may be all you need. Sometimes you may only require a name and a logo or a job title and a logo, all depending on where you work. Don’t overcrowd, less is best.

Style guides and corporate colours

When it comes to colour matching and adhering to style guides, we have all the right tools and specific procedures set in place to cater for all your corporate magnetic namebadge needs. From ensuring that the required Pantone colours are printed accurately to making sure that your corporate logo is printed correctly also carefully checking all the fine artwork detail, we are ready and willing to hear all of your requests and waiting to take that next step with you to manufacture the right gel namebadges for you.

Selecting the Base Material

With our range of foil materials available, you can now create a sophisticated look to your name badges by simply swapping the standard white plate for a foil substrate. This will add shine to the overall look, adding depth to your magnetic namebadge, making it more eye catching in the light.

The foil materials available

  • Polished Gold
  • Matte Gold
  • Sparkle Gold
  • Brushed Gold
  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Silver
  • Sparkle Silver
  • Brushed Silver

Need multiple badges with different names and the same design?

If you have a design in mind and want that same design for an order with multiple names then the Online Creator is the perfect tool for you! Simply start by creating your very own design, placing the logo and the text in the desired positions. Once one badge is created you can then add more names using that badge design, maintaining the same format throughout the entire order. Meaning all the names will be in the same position, same font and same font size.

So now that your know about the benefits of having a magnetic namebadge, why not try and create some for your work place today. Represent your fun and bubbly personality through colour and style, making you stand out in a crowd.

Jump online and use our online creator and let your creativeness flow!

Or send us an email with any questions and information you may need to help you make the overall process a well informed one for you!

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