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Custom name badges are one of the simplest and most affordable tools, that we have available for you, which can help to facilitate a good first impression for you and your company. Custom namebadges make it easy for clients or customers to recognise your employees and feel like they are on a first name basis. By providing yourself, your staff or assistants with their very own custom name badges, it will help to create a more comfortable and professional work environment in which to do business. One of the benefits of doing this is that with a better work environment it will help encourage a more productive work space for all employees who can then help to increase your sales and work output. Even if your company does not work with the public, they can help your employees to know one another, especially if you have a very large corporation. It will inform others what your employee’s roles are and who can best help them with their enquiries.

The beauty of having a custom name badge is that they’re so versatile in the way they can be used. Name badges don’t have to be boring and have the standard “my name is” text on it and they don’t have to be just black and white. The great news is that your custom name badge can be exactly what you want with the colours you want on them for the occasion you need them for.

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Minimum of 3 Name Badges

Events, Conferences & Trade shows

Many big corporations and brands hold events and conferences when launching new merchandise or revealing new products. Some businesses have conferences for training purposes so work colleagues can meet other staff and build relationships. Other people may attend yearly trade shows, where representing the company and branding in a professional manner is very important. Whichever the occasion, having a custom name badge with you will help ease into conversation and make meeting new people that much easier.

Flat, domed, reusable, ID Badges

Now more than ever, with the increase in different types of conferences, trade shows, work events and the need to be able to identify people, the standard name badge has now evolved. It no longer needs to be the typical white name badge plate, you can now venture out and have a custom name badge that is more dynamic and more visually appealing. Here at Australian name badge you have a range of sizes and shapes to choose from.

  • Rectangle: 50x20mm, 60x20mm, 65x25mm, 70x20mm, 73x27mm, 85x25mm, 90x40mm
  • Oval: 75x45mm
  • Circle: 50mm
  • Reusable: 75x35mm, 75x45mm
  • ID card: 85x54mm
  • ID Card & Lanyard: 85x54mm

How to get a custom name badge

The great thing is that we have made the entire process as simple and easy for you without compromising on quality whatsoever.

With our online creator, you can now design your own custom name badge in just a few clicks. From start to finish you are in control, choosing the desired size, the colour scheme, the layout, the font and whether you want a logo or image, the possibilities are endless.

It features a simple template that you can personalise to your company’s need. You can upload your own logo and customise the background, making the name badges easily match your company’s brand identity and stick to the branding style guide. When you start the creator tool, you just simply select the size and shape of the custom name badge. Then, you choose the text you want and where you want the picture or logo to be positioned. You have the ability to choose the colour of your text, they type of font you want to use and the size of the text. You can also choose the background colour, which can either be a solid colour or it can be a gradient, fading from one colour to the next colour. Then, you choose the fixing you want from barpin, magnet, clip & pin or a swivel clip & pin. You can then decide whether you want the badge flat or domed. Finally, you preview what it will look like once it is printed. Once you are sure you have the exact design you want, you simply order the quantity you need. If you need to order more badges, you can simply log in to the creator in the future and use the design that has been done previously. This can make reordering a breeze, as it takes the guessing out of recreating when you have additional hires or someone loses their custom name badge.

So let your next custom name badge order represent your fun and bubbly and professional personality through colour and style, making you stand out in a crowd.

Simply jump online and use our online creator and let your creativeness flow! Or send us an email with any questions and information you may need to help you make the overall process a well informed one for you!

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Need a name badge? Then look no further.

Minimum of 3 Name Badges