A primary school teacher reading a book to her class while wearing a name badge

Start the year right with school name badges

Looking for school name badges for you, your students and teachers? Then Australian Name Badge is the right place for you. With the right mix of experience and passion, our team is ready to hit the ground running to collaborate with you and create the perfect school name badges that tick all the boxes for what you need.

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Need a name badge? Then look no further.

Minimum of 3 Name Badges

Now with the increasing need to be able to identify who is who around the school premises, you can have that peace of mind knowing that your staff and students will have corporate branded name badges without compromising the quality and style of the badge.

We currently supply professional high gloss finish school name tags for different schools and colleges both locally and interstate. We provide a range of name tags for staff and students with different specific titles and for staff, and students that have generic titles with no names. With a variety of non-school name tag types for all teachers in different departments, to school captains and house captains, to canteen volunteers, grounds personnel and maintenance staff. Each person is easily uniquely identified having their respected titles displayed.

A brushed gold name badge for Richmond Christian College

Style guides and corporate colours

When it comes to colour matching and adhering to style guides, we have all the right tools and specific procedures set in place to cater for all your corporate school name tag needs. From ensuring that the required Pantone colours are printed accurately to making sure that the school corporate logo is printed correctly also carefully checking all the fine artwork detail, we are ready and willing to hear all of your requests and waiting to take that next step with you to manufacture the right school name tags for you.

A standard domed white name badge for Beaudesert High School

Create your own design

Creating your very own school name badge design has never been so simple. Now with the Online Creator, you have the artistic freedom to generate a design that allows you to reflect your schools brand and identity through the colour selection and the different use of fonts and sizes. When creating your school name badge design you can even experiment with different layouts. Your school name badge design can either display just a student’s full name, or it could also display their name and their leadership roles within the school such as school captain, sports captain or prefect just to name a few.

Selecting the Base Material

With our range of foil materials, you can now have polished gold, polished silver, matte gold, matte silver, sparkle gold, sparkle silver, brushed gold and brushed silver backgrounds. There are different benefits to using a foil base for your school name tags one being that it is an excellent way to distinguish the between the different student roles gold name badges and deputy school captains have silver name badges. Using a foil material also adds a wow factor to your name tag that will catch people’s eye and attention.

Sparkle name badges for Patterson River Secondary College

Choosing the right size and shape

With our range of shapes and sizes, you can make your school name badges stand out. The different shapes and sizes can be used to differentiate badges around the school premises between staff, students and volunteers. You can choose from the following shapes:

  • Oval (size required)
  • Circle 50mm
  • Rectangle 50×20, 60×20, 65×25, 70×23, 73×27, 85×25, 90×40

Choosing the right fixing

It’s important to have the right fixing for your badges. We have different fixings that can be used to complete your school name tags, with each fixing having a unique trait.

  • Bar pins – Ideal for very active people who need to make sure the name badge won’t come off if it gets bumped.
  • Magnet – Ideal for those that need something quick and secure and don’t wish to damage their clothes.
  • Clip and Pin – For people who wish to clip their badge to their pocket.
  • Swivel clip – Suitable for people who wish to attach their badge on to their tie or pocket or collar, as it turns.
A collection of different domed resin name badges for "Our lady of the cape"

Need multiple badges with different names and the same design?

If you have a design in mind and want that same design for an order with multiple names then the Online Creator is the perfect tool for you! Simply start by creating your very own design, placing the logo and the text in the desired positions. Once one badge is created you can then add more names using that badge design, maintaining the same format throughout the entire order. Meaning all the names will be in the same position, same font and same font size.

Do you need a name tag or a name badge?

When talking to many different people, you will notice that some will use “Name Tag” and others will use “Name Badge”. So what is the difference?

A name tag specifically has a name or title on it with no logos or photos/images. Where a badge can be personalized and can have any design, both custom and branded. It can have a name but it isn’t required. It can have just a job title such as volunteer alongside a company logo/image incorporated within the design.

Both school name badges and school name tags are used among teachers and students, the decision on which works best for your school is up to you! Whether you call them name badges or name tags, both of these can be created on our Online Creator as you have the power to change the overall design.

Two name badges for Southern Cross University


Student metal badges are very common in many schools. These are a great option for distinguishing who is a Class Captain, House Captain, President, Middle School Leader or Music Band Leader. These are commonly used for senior students on their last year of schooling.

Are you after a specific size which is not mentioned above? Not a problem! Simply email or call to speak with one of our friendly Australian Name badge team members to discuss how we can help you reach your end goal for all your school name tag needs.

So why not try the Online creator for your next school name badge order or give us a call and let us help you with any of your enquiries so you can receive your finished school name badges that will really stand out!

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Badge Creator

Need a name badge? Then look no further.

Minimum of 3 Name Badges