There are many reasons to have name badges, especially for companies, corporations and events. Name badges can help to break the ice, because they put people on a first name basis right away. They also provide an easy and simple tool for identifying people, including staff members or attendees to an event. This makes it easy for other people will be able to visually recognise who it is they should speak to, especially customers or clients with questions. With Australian Name Badge’s online badge creator, you can easily make the name tags you need for you company or event without breaking your budget, whether you need one or hundreds.

Create a Name Tag for your Company

Companies, no matter how big or small, can benefit from the use of customised name badges. Clients and customers feel more comfortable with your staff when they can easily be on a first-name basis, which is provided by wearing name tags. It also offers a way for people to recognise who is working at a company when they need to ask question, especially in retail stores. In large corporations, name badges can help security differentiate employees, guests, and potential threats. With Australian Name Badge’s online badge maker, you can easily create a name tag for your company no matter how large or small it is. Their online badge maker is simple to use, and you can upload your own logo or picture so that you have a design that matches your company’s brand. It is also simple to come back and make more when you have a new employee or someone loses their badge.

Create Badges Online Free for your Event

Events are another reason many people look to create badges online for free. When you have an event, you do not want to settle for simple paper badges. Instead, you can create a name tag for attendees that look professional, making your event stand out from other events. These tags also make it easy for people to identify the other attendees and start conversations and network. With Australian Name Badge’s online badge maker, you can even add information to a badge that will help to break the ice, such as where a person went to school. You can create badges online for free using their system for all your attendees, or just for the organisers of the event. You can also create two different type of badges, one for volunteers or organisers and one for attendees to make it even easier for your attendees to know who to ask for help.

Why Choose Australian Name Badge ?

Australian Name Badge’s¬†online badge creator is a simple and easy tool for anyone to design and order the perfect name tags for their company or event. The company has over 10 years of experience in the industry, specialising in creating personal and business name badges. The designs made with their online badge creator are printed clearly onto high-quality materials, including bright colours, super clear resin, scratch resistant finish, and UV protection. They offer a fast delivery service on all orders.

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