If you’ve ever had to manage a workplace, staff identification or just an event you would know that name badges are essential. Due to their versatility they can be used as ice breakers to help start conversations and facilitate networking. With the increasing popularity of unique personalised name badges, many people are choosing to design their badges with more flair and that in conjunction with choosing different shapes and sizes, it’s giving their namebadge a more personalised look.

There are many different shapes and sizes of name badges each with different perks and benefits, allowing you to let people know who you are and who you work for. Nowadays many workplaces, such as customer service, sales and retail just to name a few, require their staff wearing name badges in order to identify who works for them and what their positions are, as identification Is very important. In bigger work places displaying a little bit more information about a person’s role is recommended. This is where personalised name badges can fill in that missing link and tick all the boxes to be able to customise each name badge and still maintain all corporate branding.

In general, personalised name badges consist of 5 key components. The base material, the custom layout and design, personalised information, the resin dome and the name badge fixing. Each one of these components is an integral part of the finished product and individually playing a vital role for the overall purpose and goal of the personalised badge.

Base Material

It’s important to remember that your base material matters. If you intend on using the personalised name badge for multiple events including employee identification, you’ll want to make sure that the material will be one that will represent your company, brand or personality to really make you stand out among others.

Here at Australian Namebadge we now have available to you a range of foil base materials which are:

  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Silver
  • Brushed Silver
  • Sparkle silver
  • Polished Gold
  • Matte Gold
  • Brushed Gold
  • Sparkle Gold
  • Pearlessence

Using a foil base material will add an extra element and shine to your badge, allowing people to see and notice you and your badge from across the room while also making the badge look high quality and prestigious.

Choosing your design

The first thing that people will see is the design that you have chosen for your name badge. You no longer need to go with a generic and basic name badge design; you now have the power and flexibility to design your own. With our online creator, we have provided you with all the tools you need in one place allowing you to create a personalised name badge design from scratch. With the versatility of the online creator, it gives you the flexibility to choose everything from shape, size, specific colours, font and font size.

For more corporate branded name badges, we are able to print fine detail and print full colour, with the ability to match all your specific pantone colours. This will provide you the peace of mind knowing that your badges will correctly reflect your company branding and carefully follow your style guides provided.

Personalised information

The main purpose for personalised name badges is to display to everyone your personal information. The right design and formatting is very important, therefore the font type and the font size are key design factors. For easy readability it’s important that a standard font is chosen, especially for people with long names or long job titles. The name and job titles need to be easy to read, so a cursive font would not work well as it would make it difficult to read in a smaller font size. The size of the badge is also a factor to consider, as the more information that is required to fit within the space provided, the bigger the badge that should be chosen. If first and last names are required, then a wider badge would be the ideal choice. Whereas, if it’s more important for people to see the job title and they are long, then a badge with more height would suit better as this would then allow for more than one line to be used for the job title.

Personalised name badges can help you make a lasting first impression when meeting someone for the first time. It has the power to reflect the quality of the service you provide and it can also display your branding in a unique way.

So if you’re looking at getting some personalised name badges for your staff or your next event then head on over to our website and check out some of the other designs in our gallery. Jump on our online namebadge creator or simply email us and let us help you get one step closer to your reaching your goals!

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