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5 Reasons You Should be Using Magnetic Name Badges in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

When you walk into a shop or sit down at a restaurant, there’s no escaping the fact that you’re going to come in contact with the employees of the business you’re visiting. Whether this is a waiter, a cashier, a manager, a salesman, or any other type of employee depends on the type of business, but no matter where you are you’ll notice that most of the time, all of these people have one thing in common – they’re all wearing name badges.

A name badge is one of those small details that doesn’t seem important but is essential for running a business. If you own a restaurant, shop, or any other type of company, you should pay attention to these five reasons that you need magnetic name badges in Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia.

1. Magnetic Name Badges Easily Identify Your Employees

If a customer is visiting your business and has a question, you need to be there to answer it immediately. Name badges make it easy to identify who works at your establishment, so when a customer sees someone wearing a badge, they can approach them and get their question answered quickly.

2. Name Badges Promote Communication and Efficiency in a Business

Whether you have thousands of employees or just a few, giving everyone a name badge makes it easy to identify who is working and what their name is. This allows managers to delegate tasks quicker, higher-ups can keep track of all their team members, and new employees can feel comfortable getting to know a plethora of new names and faces.

3. Name Badges Have Security Advantages

When everyone who works for you wears a name badge, you’re able to tell who is supposed to be “behind the scenes” and who isn’t. This can help keep product safe and reduce theft as well as keep your employees safe. If your company is rapidly growing, and it’s hard for you to keep track of every individual employee, security becomes a big concern, and name badges will negate that risk.

4. Name Badges are Perfect for Brand Association

When everyone at your company wears a name badge, you’re able to associate your brand name and logo with every employee through the use of a name badge. Not only will this give off an air of unity inside your business, you can assume that the badge will inevitably be worn by some of your employees as they stop for gas after work or go out on their lunch break, which gives you a form of very cheap advertising.

5. Magnetic Name Badges are Cost Effective

While most of these points apply to all types of name badges, magnetic name badges for a Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney business are more cost-effective than the traditional safety-pin badges. Magnetic badges are much more durable and less likely to break, they’re easier to keep track of (so you spend less on replacements), and the chance of injury is a lot lower.

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