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What's The Modern Way to Order and Pay for Hotel Staff Name Badges?

In years past, ordering any product, including name badges, often involved complex ordering processes that would take you through convoluted phone menus where you'd have to "speak" with an answering system and hope that it got your details correct. Thankfully, this is no longer the case in the modern era, and technology has afforded us the ability to make ordering systems simple, easy, and precise. Australian Name Badge makes full use of this cutting edge technology and invites you to experience the convenience of ordering hotel staff name badges through our system.

Not only is the ordering itself a straightforward process (just use our template system, or submit a design file of your choosing), but we make payment a breeze as well. We allow for online orders to be paid via credit card, or through PayPal with a valid PayPal account. Both methods which make paying for items quick and easy. You needn't fret about safety or security, as at no time do we download your card or account numbers or store your account data. If you require an invoice for your internal business purposes, we can supply one upon request.

This level of convenience makes Australian Name Badge a clear choice for ordering hotel staff name badges online. Do yourself a favour and try out our online system today; you'll be glad you did. Give us a call today on 07 5541 4652 or email us at support@australiannamebadge.com.au to find out more!