There are many options to choose from when creating a custom name badge online in 2024, Australia. Some can be easy, while others can be very stressful. Here is a comparison of 5 of the top results to get you on your way to getting your name badges customised in the way you want, as soon as possible, without stressing yourself out.

The following Name Badge Online Creators are from January 2024.

1. Vista Print (

Vista Print are a great option for cheap printing with many product options. However their Name badge creator is lacking. When starting out the Position of the Badge is cut off and the options to add more stay in the way of the name badge. Also the design area is quite small. I found this very difficult to use even as a graphic designer and computer technician.

2. Custom Wizard (

Custom Wizard have a nice clean creator which is simple to use. Click upload image to add your logo or picture. Click Text to add text. Then position each to your required position. The snapping feature is also great for making sure your elements are centered.

3. Name Badges (

“Name Badges” offer a similar creator to Custom Wizard which is also easy to use. However it does still take time and some skill to add the items and position them.

4. FCB (

FCB ( offer a simple process for ordering but their creator is lacking. It is nicely positioned as part of the ordering process but requires a lot of work to design your name badge. It starts with a template which looks easy enough but you have to spend time moving your image and text to the right position. Also you have to move the existing text lines away. Furthermore there is no object snapping like the previous 2 companies, so this is even more difficult.

5. Australian Name Badge (

We at Australian Name Badge offer Name Badge Design Template to get you started quickly. After selecting your size and design you will see something like the above image. Then simply click Edit, change the text, upload an image and you’re on your way. In the cart you can duplicate the same name badge and change the text to add more. There are also more technical options if desired to edit your badge further. Options like changing font style, shift logo position or changing the background.

Badge Creator

Need a name badge? Then look no further.

Minimum of 3 Name Badges


For ease of use, “Custom Wizard” and “Name Badges” companies offer a simple to use creator. For even easier use “Australian Name Badge” offer the easiest option for creating name badges with their preset design templates. Simply select the design and change the existing image and text with yours.

Badge Creator

Need a name badge? Then look no further.

Minimum of 3 Name Badges